Hi, I am Amy Warr.

I picked up a camera sometime as a kid, it was a 110 point and shoot. Since then, I've used 35mm point and shoots, those first bulky digitals that took floppy disks, phone cameras, and finally made my way up to professional level dslrs. The best camera is the one in your hand, though.

I can't pass up a sunset and as I taught my dad once, they last much longer than most people think! I had to teach myself to take pictures of people as it is natural for me to capture scenery and wildlife. I cut my teeth shooting camp activities for many years at campvictoryal.org.

I began taking clients in 2016 and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting families and making new friends as I capture their smiles.

I am currently located in a studio space (where I also teach music lessons - amywarrmusic.com) in Geneva, Alabama. I teach Mon-Thurs and use the weekends for photoshoots. Thanks for checking out my site and I hope to preserve your memories soon!